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Level 3 – Advanced Botulinum Toxin: Cosmetic Mid Face, Lower Face/Neck & Myofascial Pain

July 10, 2020 @ 8:00 am - July 11, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

CAD $3,400

Course Outline

Level 3 includes an online component (8hrs), plus a one and a half day hands-on session.

Online Didactic

The online portion of Level 3 includes the following five sections.

  1. Advanced Botulinum Toxin
  2. Mid-Face Expression
  3. Lower Face
  4. Neck/Platysma
  5. Myofascial Pain

The online portion of the Level 3 course introduces how PTIFA pioneered mid-face injections and coined the term “Mid Face Expression” (MFE). Use of the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series allowed us to see the lines, creases, folds created by the MFE. Using precise markings, the PTIFA Injection Technique and low dosage, you will learn how to control the musculature creating these unwanted infra-orbital lines, naso-jugal grooves, bunny lines, smoker’s lines and naso labial folds. The subconscious habit and activation of the lower face muscles turns the smile line into a ‘green been down appearance’. These expressions blemish the skin with lines that exhibit sadness and depression. Learn how to turn the smile into a “green bean up”.

Understand how the activation of the platysma musculature accentuates the muscles of the lower face in turning the smile to a “green been down”. In addition, the subconscious activation enlarges the soft tissue, presents with horizontal ‘necklace lines’ and creates the hated anterior, lateral and posterior jowls. The posterior ‘PTIFA Platysma bands’ when present indicate hyper muscular activity indicative of bruxing, grinding, TMD & tension type headache. Understand the sensory input from the head & neck and how the overload of central and peripheral sensitization on the trigeminal nucleus can lead to referred pain.

Hands-on Session

The hands-on portion of Level 3 includes a one and a half day program always held on a Friday evening and Saturday.


Dr. Roberts provides an in-depth review of anatomy focused on the of the mid-face, lower-face and neck. In this integrative skull & cadaver lab, learn how surface features and bony landmarks relate to underlying musculature.


Day 2 is an advanced clinical hands-on practicum where you will have the opportunity to inject aesthetic cases focused on the mid-face, lower-face & neck, as well as myofascial pain patients incorporating EMG analytics.

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July 10, 2020 @ 8:00 am
July 11, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
CAD $3,400
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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada


Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics (PTIFA)