WEST COAST CULINARY THEMED CRUISE ON WINDSTAR: Medical/Dental Health and Well-Being Updates

$695 Professional Seminar Fee, plus cruise fare

West Coast Culinary Themed Cruise on Windstar: Medical/Dental Health and Well–Being Updates

San Diego to Vancouver on Windstar Star Breeze

May 5 – 15, 2020

Medical/Dental Health and Well–Being Updates

CME/CE Lecture Seminars for Medical, Dental, Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals

This Seminar is planned for 14 Continuing Education Credit Hours.

Seminar Overview/Statement of Purpose:

Healthcare practitioners in the United States are currently faced with the challenges of both treating and preventing the ever-increasing incidence of chronic diseases in the US population. The need to adapt best practice models in the context of emerging healthcare reforms impacting patient care delivery and access to care is an important issue for all healthcare practitioners. PES is fortunate to have dental and medical practitioners representing a variety of specialties participating in the CME/CE sessions. PES understands the importance of offering inter-professional healthcare education, allowing colleagues to gain cross-specialty perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease.

Planned In Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Updates in Medical/Dental Health and Well-Being
  • Confronting Healthcare Reform Challenges & Opportunities: Delivery, Costs, and Outcomes
  • Impact of IT/Telemedicine on Healthcare Delivery & Quality Care
  • Strategies for Improving Community Access to Healthcare
  • Importance of Cross-Cultural Competence on Patient Outcomes
  • Dental/Medical Challenges in US Populations
  • Treatment and Prevention Updates for Chronic Diseases

Educational Goals: Our goal is to provide unparalleled CME/CE travel opportunities for healthcare professionals that combine their most passionate destination desires with their educational goals, fostering exceptional learning experiences, friendships and connections with national and international colleagues.

  • Conduct educational healthcare programs to learn about best practice models reflecting current approaches in medicine and healthcare across different cultures for providing quality patient outcomes
  • Provide professional educational exchanges with international colleagues, healthcare educational organizations and clinics to gain cross-cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease
  • Allow medical/healthcare professionals to compare and contrast current best practices in medical/healthcare delivery to provide quality patient outcomes in their own professional setting

Learning Objectives: Keep abreast of rapid expansion of medical knowledge and current best practice models on multiple topics to facilitate change and thus provide continually excellent patient care. By design, this program permits medical experts to collaborate with colleagues and international counterparts to realize cross cultural view points and updates within the treatment and prevention of disease and offers opportunities to compare and contrast current best practices to supply quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting.

West Coast Culinary Themed Cruise on Windstar Star Breeze

Join PES for a 10-night Western United States cruise exploring bountiful farmer’s markets, famed culinary cities, scenic vineyards & rugged coastlines aboard the newly renovated Star Breeze!

Cruise Itinerary Highlights:

  • Mediterranean-style Santa Barbara is your gateway to red-roofed Spanish architecture, rocky beaches & the wine-growing region of Santa Ynez
  • In the coastal city of Monterey visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium or discover its cliff-lined coast beside the cerulean waters of the Pacific
  • Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco—famous for its rolling fog, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz—just a short drive from California’s renowned Napa Valley & Sonoma County vineyards
  • From Portland, tour wineries in Willamette Valley, visit one of the many coffee shops, breweries, or trendy eateries, and transit the Columbia River
  • Visit Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, the iconic Space Needle with views of towering Mt. Rainer, or take a ferry ride on the Puget Sound

Your Windstar Voyage Includes:

  • Sail with a James Beard Foundation chef and sommelier and experience a chef and beverage expert hosted dinner, wine pairings, cooking demonstrations, shopping at local markets with the chef, and tastings
  • Open-seating dining featuring locally sourced ingredients, specialty dining under the stars, 24-hour room service & two new restaurants
  • Non-alcoholic drinks including specialty coffees, soft drinks & juices
  • Optional “All-In Package” for all-inclusive gratuities, laundry service, Wi-Fi & beverages including wine, beer, premium spirits, mini-bar items
  • Onboard entertainment, local performances, and watersports platform, plus newly renovated public areas, full-service spa, fitness center, library, casino, outside Star Bar, and a new elevated swimming pool and hot tub
  • $100 shipboard credit per person (spa, shop, shore excursions)

Visit our website for more details: https://pestravel.com/tours/medical-dental-health-and-well-being-updates/

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Focus on the Maxillary Sinus: Lecture and Cadaver Hands-On Workshop (LECTURE & HANDS-ON)



Dental implants are a predictable treatment option when there is sufficient quantity and quality of bone. However, when patients present with deficient alveolar ridges, it can hamper the placement of dental implants. This problem is especially magnified in the posterior maxilla where ridge resorption and sinus pneumatization, compounded with a poor quality of bone, are often encountered. The procedure of choice to restore this anatomic deficiency is maxillary sinus floor elevation (sinus lift).

This one-day lecture and hands-on cadaver workshop will focus on the most up-to-date techniques in sinus augmentation to improve long-term clinical success with dental implants. The course is designed for the clinician that has prior implant experience and would like to broaden knowledge, scope of practice and improve surgical skill..


  • Discuss the rationale for sinus augmentation
  • Understand maxillary sinus anatomy and function
    • Schneiderian membrane thickness, risk of tearing
    • Management of sinus septums
  • Understand and manage maxillary sinus pathology
    • Mucous retention cysts, maxillary sinusitis, and more
    • Effects of implant exposure to sinus cavity and risk of sinus complications
  • Know pre-operative evaluation
    • Rule out sinus pathology
    • CT scan evaluation
  • Understand sinus graft biology and healing
  • Know the advantages and limitations of various augmentation approaches
  • Perform various maxillary sinus augmentation approaches
    • Lateral window approach
    • Crestal approach
    • Osteotomes
    • Ridge expansion technique in conjunction with sinus grafts
    • Balloons
    • Piezoelectric instrumentation
  • Flap design for optimal esthetic and predictability
  • Know when to perform sinus graft versus using short implants
  • Understand the rationale for choosing various graft materials
  • Harvest ramus and chin grafts
  • Recognize and treat graft complications
    • Membrane perforations, bleeding, oral-antral fistula formation, maxillary sinusitis and infection, graft failures, and more


  • Dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and all members of the dental team.


Before November 1, 2019
Dentist: $1,095
Auxiliary: $945

After November 1, 2019
Dentist: $1,275
Auxiliary: $1,095

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Columbia University/ICOI Dental Implant Symposium

10th annual symposium with Scientific Director Dr. Dennis Tarnow and Dr. Ken Judy with 8 guest speakers. Fri., 8am-5:30pm. Columbia CDM designates this course as 8 CE credits (4 CE per ½ day session). Includes exhibit hall.

For generalists and specialists.

Presenters include:  Dr. Marcus Abboud, Dr. John Cavallaro, Dr. João Caramês with Dr. Helena Francsco, Dr. Ole T. Jensen, Dr. Michael KleinDr. Ernesto Lee, Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa, and Dr. Frank Tuminelli

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