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Reader Testimonials

Congratulations on having been nominated by WMA. Very deserved. Wish Roberta best of luck too please for me. The magazine has a terrific following here too in the east. I look forward to every issue and hope to contribute again in the near future.

– Dr. D. Turner

Just picked up my “Just for Canadian Dentists” and was enjoying this months issue. If you are ever interested in doing an article in relation to cycling or nordic skiing I would be interested in getting involve.
– Dr. P Newitt

Please change my address so that I can receive your great magazine.
– Dr. C Nicolucci

You folks produce a great magazine filled with worthy news stories, great travel destinations, and generally content particularly relevant to life today. Please keep it going.
– Dr. B. Warwick

Dear Michael DeFreitas, I enjoyed your article in Just for Canadian Dentists. I am sending along some photos as suggested in your article for your consideration and critique.  Thank you.
– Dr. G. Lunn

Thanks for the PDF… I was going to ride motorcycle on Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, so I thought after seeing this article we could go golfing and the lowest score could go on the back of my bike…lol funny but true.
– Dr. B. Letnick

I really like your magazine and would like to continue to receive it. I have had a change in marital status and presently use my maiden name. I am listed as Dr…
– Dr. D. Cooper

Hi there, I just received your March/April Just For Canadian Dentists. Great publication! It is very readable, great articles, and is so nice to see that so many dentists have a life outside of the office! If you ever need contributors or have any questions, please let me know. I’m an orthodontist, and in my leisure time I cook, but when I go away I do it as a food working vacation.
– Dr. D. Dietz

I should say first however that I have really enjoyed your articles in “Canadian Dentists” magazine about “The Thirsty Dentist”. They were informative as well as enjoyable to read. Around my home we tend to have a repertoire of cocktails that vary according to the seasons…
– Dr. E. Slubik

I enjoy the magazine! Please send to new address.
– Dr. J Parker